Ramana has been honing his harmonica skills since his teenage. He is highly influenced by the harmonica legend -Milon Gupta and is also an active participant in the harmonica circles of India.

He was born in Konaseema, South India in a modest family with no claims to any musical heritage. He has had no formal training in music. It was here as a little boy he first became attracted to the music by Maestro Ilaiyaraja in early 80s on local radio. He developed a good ear right from his childhood. Following his passion for Harmonica along with his professional life has been very challenging and he has struggled hard to overcome all the hurdles that came his way.

During late 80s,Ceylon Radio broadcasted instrumental fillers between the programmes. These fillers also comprised of harmonica music by the harmonica legend- Milon Gupta. Young Ramana pressed his little ear to the old radio speaker and always recognized the unique harmonica sound and discovered that the harmonica melodies of Milon Gupta left a deep impact within him. Realizing this, he borrowed a harmonica from one of his friend and since that moment, the love affair had begun. The first tune his mother recognized is “Agaya halwa wala agaya”. Thus, the romance between Ramana and the Harmonica began at a very early age. It has been his burning desire, an insatiable passion to explore the instrument. He started playing harmonica as a hobby. Soon, he was able to play a number of Telugu, Hindi and Western tunes on the Harmonica. Ramana and his harmonica were inseparable till 1994 until he had to put a full stop on his passion to seriously pursue his studies in order to support his family. After graduating in Law and obtaining his Masters in Management, he joined a private company.

Few years later, he was transferred with a higher responsibility from his native Place to Hyderabad. Harmonica re-entered into his life after meeting few people who had the same passion for harmonica. At Hyderabad, he was encouraged by Vinayak Bhosekar who was a direct disciple of Milon Gupta. His harmonica buddies Vinayak and Vijay nick-named him as RAMONICA.

A milestone in Ramana’s harmonica journey was attending harmonica workshop by the influential harmonica player and highly regarded author of harmonica literature- Steve Baker. Further, He had an opportunity to take harmonica playing inputs from one of his favorite harmonica players-Brendan Power, Who won the prestigious Bernie Bray “ Harmonica Player of the Year” award at SPAH 2011.

Ramana began posting his performances on YouTube . His tryst with the harmonica has got him love and accolades from his audience. His style of music has arrested the attention of the connoisseur as well as the uninitiated. He lives as he believes; presenting even the most contemporary songs projecting the fact that India is a true melting pot of world cultures with its own distinctive cultural identity.

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